"GUI Bloopers 2.0 is an extremely useful book for any software developer or interaction designer. If you have never made any of these mistakes, it’s because you have never designed a UI. If anything, these bloopers are even more common now than when version 1.0 was published, so the need for the book has only increased."
- Jakob Nielsen, Principal Nielsen Norman Group

"This is the most entertaining design book I've read. Jeff Johnson has once again done a fabulous job of reminding us about all the silly design mistakes we can make and giving us great advice on how to avoid them in our own designs."
- Jared M. Spool, Founding Principal, User Interface Engineering

"The second edition of GUI Bloopers is that true rarity: a sequel to something great that’s even better than the original. (Think Godfather II.) While Jeff could have settled for just updating the examples, as near as I can tell he’s rewritten nearly the entire book, and it shows. The organization is terrific, the insights are easier to grasp, and above all, the writing is leaner. (The only flaw in the original was that it sometimes sounded like a developer wrote it. Apparently Jeff realized that even developers don’t like reading developer-speak.) If you ever picked it up in the past and ended up not plunking down your money, definitely take another look. It’s gone from a great book to an excellent one."
- Steve Krug, Advanced Common Sense